How Will You Use Your Gifts?

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My mentor once told me, “if other people always know the value that you bring before you do, you’re liable to follow someone else’s dream forever.”

That was the scariest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m usually one to push the limits in the name of learning for myself. But in this case, I needed to take heed. 💡

I was throwing myself at any and every opportunity that sounded interesting to me at the time in the name of staying employed. At that time I was leading a skills-based volunteer program supported by my company, and my job was on the line, which meant the future of the program was on the line.

😡 I hated my job. I wanted a new job. But I worked at a large company, so I figured I could do anything as long as they put me to use.

🐙I also realized that my bosses could not care less about my strengths. A job needed to be done and my butt was filling the seat, so I had to do the job.

💡 What I didn't know then that I know now is that I am a mission-driven person. Because of that, I can only dedicate so much energy to a project that I truly do not believe in. There are still times that I commit to doing work that I don't enjoy because it is tied to my vision. Payoffs don’t always come instantly.

This is a reminder to you to stand firm on who you are. Setting boundaries early in your career may seem difficult. But, the sooner you start betting on yourself, the higher your confidence level will be when you transition into entrepreneurship.

💡 Knowing what makes you unique is another MUST HAVE when going into business for yourself because it helps you spot opportunities before the next “Great Idea” comes along. There will always be valid money-making opportunities waiting for you to pursue. If you focus on your mission, you’ll know a great idea when you see one.

If you are still employed, you probably understand how you can help an organization reach its goals. Because their direction aligns with your unique gifts, and you actually want to go there, too.

Trust me, the best way to be of value to someone else (or an organization) is to first know yourself. Before you take your next big step, get grounded in who you are and what makes you tick. This is a huge factor in the Career Pivot Program that I created for corporate professionals who are ready to make that leap into entrepreneurship.

For more tips on making the transition from employee to entrepreneur let’s connect on Instagram.




Helping professionals find meaningful lives after leaving their 9 to 5 while designing my own life. Showing you that life transitions are fun!

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Arylle Young

Arylle Young

Helping professionals find meaningful lives after leaving their 9 to 5 while designing my own life. Showing you that life transitions are fun!

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